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Hot water circulator

Circulating pumps are often used to circulate domestic hot water so that a faucet will provide hot water constantly upon demand. Since water is piped from the water heater through the pipes to the tap, once the tap is shut off, the water remaining in the pipes cools producing the familiar wait for hot water the next time the tap is opened. A circulator pump insures the hot water in the pipes is always hot, minimizing the wait.

  • Turn off the house water supply.
  • Open the hot and cold faucets at the fixture chosen for installation. This will relieve the water pressure from the hot and cold water pipes.
  • Remove the shut-off valves that supply hot and cold water to the sink from the ½" copper pipe. For ease of installation, leave the compression ring and nut from the angle stop on the hot and cold water supplies. Connect it to the pump-activator wire.