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Drain cleaning

Drain cleaning is our specialty. Jerusalem Plumbing Heating and Cooling professionals can quickly clean and repair clogs in your kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks and toilets, bathtub and shower drains. We’re confident you’ll never have to take us up on our guarantee because we provide our highly trained technicians with the best sewer equipment available on the market today, including Drain Vision. And before any work is done to your home, every option will be explained, so that you can ensure that you’ve made the best decision for you!

A clogged drain, sewer or septic tank can be a real hassle, but our professionally trained drain cleaning contractors and rooter experts have the solution. Whether it is a kitchen drain clogged or sewer water overflowing that needs attention, our technicians will have the equipment on hand to get things flowing for you quickly and efficiently. First, they will open the line, review the problem at hand and use our company process to thoroughly clean any blockage they find.